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“É pela paz que eu não quero seguir admitindo” — O Rappa
We often believe monsters are the shadows in a bedroom. An unseen but felt presence next to my bed that immediately disappears when I open my eyes. A monster, more frequently than not, is pictured as ugly, malformed, a probable demential and untamed beast.
Monsters crawling around corners, blindly looking for food. Starving. Seeking. Defacing. Unwanted. A despised scourge that defy crossing the threshold to our realms. How dare them. Begone. Monsters.
Monsters… these monsters. They are, as we all know it, unreal.
But real, undoubtedly real, is another monster. Spreading itself as an invisible fog through our planet. Infecting and possessing.
A monstrous reality when is still normal to enslave and enjail other human beings. Then release them into misery, free to suffer. Welcome them into a life of torture. Show them horror. Teach them only horror. Denied. Declined. Dehumanised. Then fake astonishment when it reproduces horror just so an elite can label it as a monster. Let's start the hunt.
By the end of the nameless story, lies a body of nobody; and this system geared to mince meat with fangs of ivory spits and shits on dreams of a boy, girl, man and woman that could not imagine peace since he has been only introduced to a whip at the end of the hands of a vile god. So, am I forced to believe that love thy neighbour be preached while eyes watch and weep his life be drained away? One, your legitimated death by the state. This psychopath foggy flying away while I sit and wait it stand at the other end of my door to claim my life from a bedroom thousand miles away under the open arms of a man supposed to protect us from pain. This monster. This.
Not today. Please!
I am afraid of this monster. Fading in and in. I can see his eyes shine on daylight as if it does not exist. Wake, wake me up from this nightmare; where I pretend just to care but not act and… so be it, dead. I, monster.
I am afraid of the monster. That I chose to feed and now is everywhere… everywhere.
I am afraid of the monster.
Boom! Boom!
I am afraid of the monster.

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